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Hello world, mathematically.

July 8, 2010

One of my favorite things to do as a mathematician is to drop in on one of my colleagues and ask them about what they’re working on at the moment.  Mathematics is a big place, and what’s second nature to someone else may be quite novel to you.

That’s the idea behind Cap’s Whiteboard.  This blog is offered as your way to drop in on me and hear about the mathematics that I’m learning, that I’m thinking about, that I’m doing. Think of these posts as what might happen if you asked me about my office blackboard, or one of my home whiteboards.  Expect some combination of my latest research, problems I’m chewing on, particularly interesting articles I’ve read, and my idiosyncratic perspectives on “familiar” mathematics.

This is intended as blog written by a mathematician for other mathematicians, and I’m not making any promises that individual posts will be self-contained. Some stuff will be suitable for strong math majors, some for graduates, and likely some will only be for number theorists.  Please feel free and encouraged, though, to ask me (by email or, preferably, in comments) for references if you want some background on anything you see here.

Posts are on no set schedule, and the amount of time between posts will probably have a high variance, depending on what else is going on for me mathematically.  I expect to average about a significant post a week, not counting links and the like.


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